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Raleigh DeMolay meets on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month.


Master Councilor Cole Watson of Raleigh Chapter presided over the events at the chartering day and did an outstanding job.  He Inducted the new brothers and performed the Initiatory and DeMolay degree in an exemplary manner from memory.  Cole also performed as Jacques DeMolay in the DeMolay degree play. He is a high quality ritualist and DeMolay in our chapter. We are very proud of him. 

On Sunday May 21, 2006 the new "Golden Circle Chapter" from Jackson TN received their charter.  The long form DeMolay degrees were conferred on all of their members in an impressive way.  The Degrees were held at the Scottish Rite Cathedral in Memphis TN.  The charter class was named in honor of PGM Paul Phillips and PGM Bobby Henderson who were both present for the day's activities.   An outstanding ritualistic team comprised of Raleigh Chapter and C.E. Hendricks Chapter was assembled together for this very special occasion.   We now have another active chapter in west TN and Raleigh Chapter is looking forward to many shared events in the future.  Congratulations to Jay Kephart (Charter Master Councilor) and Dad Nove Kephart (Charter Chapter Dad) on their great acheivement.

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